Pristine® is an excellent, broad-spectrum fungicide that protects greenhouse vegetables and ornamental plants from Gummy stem blight and Powdery mildew.

How it works

Comment il fonctionne

  • Pristine contains two active ingredients that are both highly effective for control of powdery mildew.
  • One belongs to the group 11 class of fungicides and the other is a group 7 fungicide.
  • Both ingredients are systemic.
  • Pristine inhibits spore germination, mycelial growth and sporulation of the fungus.

When to apply

Quand appliquer

How much to apply

Combien d'appliquer

Application tips

Conseils d'application

Diseases controlled

Maladies maîtrisées

  • Powdery mildew
  • Gummy stem blight

Pests controlled

Parasites maîtrisés

Weeds controlled

Mauvaises herbes supprimées

Product specifications

Spécifications du produit

Fungicide Group: 7 and 11
Active Ingredient: Pyraclostrobin/Boscalid
Size (units x size): 4 X 2.83 kg
Product Article #: 59010909
PCP #: 27985
Ontario Classification #: 2
Gross Weight of Package: 14.4 kg
Units/Pallet: 30 cases
PTS - T/L (48 foot): 24
Warehouse Stack Height: 3 pallets
Heated Storage: No
Flash Point: N/A
NFC Class: N/A
TDG Information: Not Regulated